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  1. Commodore

    Move turns into "copy"

    I've noticed today that the "move" action from the "move" menu somehow turned into "copy": Any idea what could have caused this? I actually noticed it "by accident", as I was using it via "muscle memory" (not paying any attention), and in turn saw that the moved message was still there... :)...
  2. Commodore

    Outlook (2013) issues with mail

    For a couple of weeks or so, I've had some weird issue with Outlook and IMAP mail account. Whenever I move an email from its folder to a local (PST) folder (which I usually do, as I don't keep "dealt-with" emails online), it gets moved normally as usual, and at the same time an error...
  3. Commodore

    Folders always closed in move/copy items dialog box

    The Move Items and Copy Items dialog boxes always show un-expanded PST/folder trees when you open Outlook (at least until version 2013). Is there any way to have them display the structure expanded as it was in previous session?
  4. Commodore

    Attachment icon when there is no attachment

    Any idea why there is the paperclip icon in Inbox for some emails that don't actually have an attachment? It's only shown in the view (4th column), not on the open message. If I move the message from the (IMAP) Inbox to a local folder, the icon is not shown there anymore. Currently I'm seeing...
  5. Commodore

    Search cannot complete the indexing of your Outlook data

    I've noticed several errors in Windows Application Log (Event ID 36) with "Search cannot complete the indexing of your Outlook data. Indexing cannot continue for C:\Users\... (error=0x81404005). If this error continues, contact Microsoft Support." This started some time in June, I suppose. It's...
  6. Commodore

    iCloud mail with two-factor authentication

    Today my Outlook 2013 stopped working with iCloud email account. At first I thought it was one of the semi-regular issues when Outlook starts asking for password for no reason (and restart usually helps), but turned out this wasn't the case. The issue remained even after a reboot, so I removed...
  7. Commodore

    Microsoft Exchange Add-in

    Is "Microsoft Exchange add-in" required in Outlook 2013 in order for iTunes sync to work? I disabled it a while ago, and I've noticed that the last two syncs didn't update Contacts on my iPhone. So I checked the Info tab in iTunes, and there were notices about Outlook not being installed (for...
  8. Commodore

    Finding items from last 7 days

    In one PST file I have a Search Folder that displays messages received within last 7 days. It was created via "New search folder" dialogs. So far so good. How can I view all items (or at least email messages) received/created within the last 7 days in all PST files? If I click the search box...
  9. Commodore

    Is EAS in Outlook 2013 "non-renamable"?

    I've had account as IMAP in my Outlook 2013. I added it also as EAS account later on, and it was "conveniently" named " (1)" (as the IMAP account already has the email as its name). Is there any way to rename this EAS account at all? I tried the method used for...
  10. Commodore

    Two Sync Issues folders

    On one IMAP account in Outlook 2013 I have two local Sync Issues folders (with corresponding Local Failures subfolders) - Sync Issues and Sync Issues1. Deleting them is disabled. Is there any way to remove it (other than, I suppose, removing and re-creating the account in Outlook)?
  11. Commodore

    Nothing in Drafts folder

    I wrote an email on my iPhone earlier today, and saved it to drafts (I double-checked - it's definitely set to save to server folders, nothing local). If I check Drafts in Outlook, there's nothing there (I refreshed multiple times). So I checked using webmail access, and the draft message is...
  12. Commodore

    First LinkedIn, now Facebook...

    Seems like Outlook Social Connector is becoming useless. According to Facebook's plugin will also cease to function (it worked a few minutes...
  13. Commodore

    Is Outlook 2013 still connected to Skype?

    I remember a while ago Skype and Outlook were somehow "connected", so you could see the Skype contacts' "availability" color in Outlook's contacts (when you were running both applications). Is this still available in Outlook 2013 (I didn't notice anything in Contacts)? Or was it yet another...
  14. Commodore


    I re-enabled the LinkedIn social connector plugin as per your instructions on this page After closing and restarting Outlook 2013, LinkedIn re-appeared in Social Network Accounts. However, it...
  15. Commodore

    Syncing Outlook 2013 and Windows phone

    I've searched around the net and wasn't able to find a definite answer to this. Most of the pages suggest using (if you're a "home user") for this purpose. So... Is there really no way to sync Outlook 2013 (contacts, calendar, tasks) with a Windows phone locally (via either USB or wifi)?
  16. Commodore

    Repeated RSS items downloads

    Is there any way to prevent Outlook from repeatedly downloading more or less the same items from an RSS source? The option "Any RSS Feed item that is updated appears as new" is off. The feed in question is SANS Information Security Reading Room (I think they had some issues with the feed or...
  17. Commodore

    Keeping two computers in sync

    Is it possible to have Outlook (2013) on two Windows 7 computers in sync (either continuously or on demand)? Just the main .pst file (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, some other items) and IMAP accounts.
  18. Commodore

    Wrapping and wrong encoding

    I remember there used to be issues with text/paragraph wrapping in the past (but that was a really long time ago). However, I just discovered Outlook 2013 now wraps my plain text lines - a friend of mine complained the URL to an article I sent was broken. I don't remember these kinds of issues...
  19. Commodore

    Favorites vs. Shortcuts

    Is Favorites in the upper part of Mail section (in Outlook 2013) the same as Shortcuts section, except that it's limited to Mail? It's been a few years since I last used the favorites in Outlook, and I think there used to be only one of these. I assume there's probably no way to keep Favorites...
  20. Commodore

    Editing contacts and adding photos

    If I click the "Add Contact Picture" placeholder on the "classical" contact item form, it opens a dialog box for browsing on local drive (as usual). Is there any way in Outlook 2013 to semi-automatically "pull" the photo from social network (e.g. Facebook) and add it to the contact (that is...