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    VBScript Commands

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction I have a custom form with a command button and I want to program the click function to search the task folder and find other related tasks. I looked all over for any information on this and if anyone can confirm what the VBScript command...
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    Custom Contact Form how to update when loaded.

    I have created a custom contact form which calculated the contact age based on their date of birth. The age is stored in a user defined field and I use the normal date of birth field. All this works perfectly when creating the contact the problem is when you open the contact later the age field...
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    Outlook 2016 wordeditor

    I am trying to use the word editor within a task object. It allows me to use it to add text but when I try to use the selection move command it does nothing. Does anyone know if the word editor works in the body of a task object now. If so can you point me in the directions of where the move...
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    User Defined Fields adding new value

    I am trying to work out the vba code to amend a User Defined Field. I have created the field in the folder view and want to create a macro to change the field value. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    How to search for blank userproperties field

    I am trying to search through my task that have a userproperties field "Project". I want to loop through all the tasks that have an entry and ignore the task where the field is blank. I have not been able to work out how to search is not blank. So far I have the following code which finds the...