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    Upgrade from Outlook 2010-any reason to?

    Hello all, I have been an Outlook user since first version. I benefited greatly from hiring Diane for phone/online help a couple of years ago (plug!). Things are working fine for me using Outlook 2010. My simple question: Is there any reason for me to upgrade to Outlook 2013 or 2016 or 365...
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    Paying for qualified Outlook support-recommendations?

    Thank you very much, Diane. Unfortunately, I made the call to Microsoft this morning before I read your response. Since I did, I might as well let others know what my experience was, hopefully help someone else. Probably the most important first fact for anyone considering this is that I...
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    Paying for qualified Outlook support-recommendations?

    Thanks very much for your response, Diane. And let me say that you and Sue Mosher deserve a lot of credit for the huge contributions you have made with respect to Outlook. 1. yes 2. I understand, but IMAP may be part of why I'm in trouble. 3. Good tip, thank you. 4. Another good...
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    Paying for qualified Outlook support-recommendations?

    Hello, I am new to the forum, longtime admirer of Slipstick. I have solved so many computer problems over the last month that now I just want phone support or a remote connection (safe, reputable) and have someone fix my standalone Outlook 2010 32 bit on Win 7x64 problems. I have...