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  1. Tim King

    Outlook 365 unable to change accounts

    Hi, in Outlook 365 there is an option to "Add an Account". I added my Gmail account and configured the settings and they are accepted. When I click the drop-down and change to the new account, nothing happens! I believe I was able to do this recently . If I remove my existing account, the...
  2. Tim King

    Send mail from MSWord through Outlook

    Hi, I'm having trouble emailing a document from inside Word 2007. I click the Office Button - Send - Email. I then get the following message: You need to create a Microsoft Outlook profile. In Microsoft Windows go to............ Unable to figure this out. any help would be appreciated
  3. Tim King

    Message body problems

    Hi, after converting a users email from OE to Outlook 2003 some of the incoming messages are not right. the body contains header information and html tags. I 'm stumped by this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I attached a sample of the email body. Thanks