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    Form cache size for OL2010 is set up to 0 Kbs, but sometimes !

    Where is "Form cache size" value stored either in registry or in file ? Sometimes there is "0" Kbs after OL2010 starting. I set up to 2040 Kbs, close, reopen setting window but there is 0 again.
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    Add please, Outlook Autocomplete working per account in multi profile !

    Profile consists more then 1 Exchange and may be (or not) some IMAP accounts. At the time Autocomplete suggests the same e-mails for whole profile that is for each account in the profile independently of using (for sending) account within the profile. It would be greate to choose Autocomplete...
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    Multiple simulteniously opened OWA 2010 accounts in one browser work fine !

    Multiple different accounts simulteniously opened in OWA 2010 in one browser work correctly ! I have tested it. IE10 was used. Mail has been sent / received correctly, appropriate GAL has been shown correctly. All tested with Exchange 2010SP3.
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    Multiple Exchnage profiles simultaneously and hovering pop-up contact card !

    There is Exchange 2010SP3 at Win2008R2 + Outlook2010SP2 at Win7SP1 + ExtraOutlook1.3 for run Outlook multiple instances with different profiles. One profile - one Exchange account. All work fine, multiple different profiles is opend well, each Outlook instance shows correctly mail, GAL, ALs...