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    Suppress dialog box on email check error?

    Our ISP (Cox) is having lots of POP and/or authentication server trouble lately, with concomitant failures checking mail. Looking at the errors (in Outlook logging or from another client) I see authentication timeouts, "Internal server error", etc. If I could just suppress the dialog box, I'd...
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    Outlook 365 sending intermittently

    Since we migrated to Outlook 365 (or 364.5, as we call it; I actually heard a Microsoftie talk at length about "Office 360", which made me laugh!), Outlook often decides it's not going to send mail. Not all the time, but sometimes. Incoming always works, even when it's not sending, and if I do...
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    Ability to define shortcuts to folders

    I have an Exchange mailbox and a ton o' POP accounts. 99% of the POP mail goes into one of three folders. I'd like to be able to go to those by shortcut -- <Cntrl><Shift>P or something *I* define. And I rarely go to the Outbox, so the fact that <Cntrl><Shift>O takes me there is a waste...
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    Spacebar when reading email

    When reading email, the spacebar in Outlook versions prior to 2007 operated differently depending on how the email was formatted -- plaintext (no op), HTML (page down), or Rich Text (edited the note). Now it's at least consistent -- it does nothing. I'd like to be able to page...