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    Outlook Macro to show Flagged messages

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me with an Outlook macro please (I'm using Outlook 2003 by the way)? I have a view called Flagged Messages which is defined to filter my Inbox and show only the emails which have a coloured flag - so I can focus on working on these. It is somewhat cumbersome...
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    Outlook 2003 problem with Windows 10 Creators Update 1709

    I still very happily use Outlook 2003 (32 bit) and it has been working well with Windows 10 (64 bit) pc until the recent Creators Update 1709. After this update, when I opened Outlook all appeared normal until I realised it was not 'sending and receiving'. When I tried to access the Email...
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    Outlook 2003 editing problem

    I have two computers with Outlook 2003. On the first - Windows XP - using 'Edit, Edit message' I can edit incoming mail to my heart's content. However, on the second - Windows 7 - whilst I can edit some emails this way, others I cannot or at least I can edit them but the changes aren't saved...
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    Avast! Antispam toolbar

    Does anyone know a permanent way of getting rid of the annoying Avast toolbar in Outlook (2003)? I have tried several of the methods given on web forums but it keeps coming back. What about a macro which disables the toolbar every time one opens Outlook - surely this would work?
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    Macro for 'Back' button

    I receive a lot of html emails with contents lists at the top that use hyperlink bookmarks. When using these I would often find it handy to have a 'back' button to enable me to jump back to the contents list. Using the 'customise' facility (in Outlook 2003) I thought I might be able to add a...
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    Macro to view Junk Email folder

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help with this please. I'm using Outlook 2003 and would like to add another button to the main toolbar which enables me to go to (view) the Junk Email folder - just as if clicking on the folder name in the Folder List on the LHS. I already have a Go Inbox button (using...