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    Identifying Portable Devices in Outlook Header

    Hello I have a problem regarding emails sent by portable devices such as iphones, blackberries etc. If a user outside the organisation sends a mail using such a device, is the devie logged in the Outlook header? if so where? I've carried out various tests but cannot find anything. Thanks in...
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    Customizing Outlook 2010 with Email Address

    Hello Please find the attached image. What concerns me is the part highlighted in red at the top of the screenshot. When a client opens Outlook, their email address appears here, in the form of: Inbox - User@address. Recently, we gave users a seconds SMTP address which we would liek to be...
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    DisablePST = 2 : Only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs can be added

    Hi There is a setting in the DisablePST = 2 : Only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs can be added. This can prevent users from using personal PST files, but still gain access to synchronizing SharePoint PSTs and Internet Calenders. Does anybody know if this is a definitve list or does this include...
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    Do fields in Outlook have ID's?

    Hi I have a question concerning the fields in the Outlook pane; I'm talking about when you click on the left hand pane on the Inbox (or any other folder for that matter) and in the right hand pane there is a list of fields presenting all messages: From, Subject, Date received,Size etc I was...
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    Opening/Archiving/Import/Export PST files

    Hello Within Outlook it is possible to open/archive/import and export a PST file by doing the following three actions: (1) File/Archive (2) Tools/options/Other/AutoArchive (3) File/Import and Export (.PST) Does anybody know if there exist any OTHER mothods.... (a) within Outlook (b) outside...
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    PSTDisableGrow limits

    Hello Like the GPO setting suggests, PSTDISABLE GROW relates to this setting "Prevent users from adding new content to existing PST files" Can anyone tell me what are the limits of this value. I know that it applies to user based PST files, but does it also apply to SharePoint PST files? Thanks...
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    Dynamic date range for Outlook Search folders

    Hello I've created a search folder for which I'ld like to display all mails received 1095 days ago (roughly three years ago). Can anyone tell me the simplest form; For example: regarding the search criteria I would select Received; but what would be the values for the other two fields...
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    Outlook Mailbox cleanup; any way to change limit to find items older 999 days?

    Hello, Within the Tools, Mailbox cleanup option from Outlook, there is a possibility to Find items older than (enter a value between 1 and 999). The problem is the 3 digit limit of 999 - I was wondering is there anyway that this number can be increased? Many thanks in advance
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    Customizing PST error message in Outlook

    Hi I"m new to the forum and this is my first question. Does anybody know if it is possible to customize error messages in Outlook? In our Exchange 2013 Server/Outlook 2013/2007 environment we have the following GPO setting applied: User configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Classic...