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    Insert link in email body to attached document in Outlook 365

    Hello, The folowing code worked OK in 2013: Private Sub attachementTool() Dim msg, Dim attach Set msg = Application.CreateItem(0) msg.To = "" msg.Subject = "test link" msg.HTMLBody = "<html><body>click <a href=""cid:attachCid1"">here</a> to open attachment <br />" & _ "click <a...
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    Table AutoFit > AutoFit to Contents

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to adjust a table to "AutoFit to Contents" (this is the most used). This question appears to be mentioned on other posts but I cannot seem to find the exact answer for the problem. The plan is to insert the table manually, but to have a macro that easily allows...
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    Auto scroll to specific folder in Folder Pane

    Hi Diane, Many thanks for the feedback. Best Regards,
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    Auto scroll to specific folder in Folder Pane

    Hello, I'm using Windows 10/Outlook 2013 32-bit. It's my first time in this forum! Maybe anyone can help me on this question. I'm running some VBA code where I jump to a folder displaying all items on it. This is the relevant line I use to perform the task: Set...