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    Outlook 2016 shows Meeting Organizer in Calendar View

    Is there a way to not have the meeting organizer appear in the calendar view in the Outlook 2016 client? When we create a new meeting the organizer appears as if it's part of the subject even though it's not. I've created a support ticket with Microsoft and they're currently looking into it but...
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    Setting default address book

    We've figured how to do it manually by editing the Address book setting per user. But what I'd like to do is push this change out to thousand of users in our environment. Is there a way through Group policy or through a script to make this change globally so that the Outlook 2016 client doesn't...
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    Increase font size of message body

    How do you permanently change the font size of the reading pane in Outlook? We've figured out how to use the scroll bar in the bottom right corner or ctrl+mouse wheel but that only changes the font size of the current email. As soon as you click another one the view resets. We figured out how...
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    "This item has been changed still want to delete it" message

    I have a user who every time they forward an email they get the following message...."This item has been changed. Still want to delete it?" I think they're using Outlook 2013. A Google search of that message brought back few results. Any help would be appreciated.
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    RightFax Outlook 2013 plugin?

    Is there a RightFax Outlook 2013 add-in out there? Were able to find the 2010 add-in but can't track down the 2013 version to go with our 2013 version of Office.
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    Adding Reply & Delete to main toolbar?

    Is it possible to move the Reply & Delete function to the main toolbar so that it's bigger and easier to click/see? I attached a screenshot of what the user would like to have happen.
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    Outlook calendar...How to add an event or appointment without a border around it?

    I'm using Outlook 2013 and was wondering how do you add an event/apppointment without having the border around it when you view the calendar? I work for a school district and one of the principals is wanting to send out their yearly calendar without the borders around every item in the calendar...