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    Folder pane width change

    A few days after starting to use 16.0.12112.20000 (but not exactly coincident with it), I noticed that the space between the folder pane and the message list suddenly looked a lot wider, like this: Before, the unread count was always much closer to the folder names, and much of the...
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    The way expand/collapse folders is actually meant to work?

    There's an Advanced View setting in "Group By" called "Expand/collapse defaults." If it's on "As last viewed," what should that do, exactly, for the behavior of the expanded/collapsed state of sections like "Last Month" and "Older" in Inbox? My naive interpretation of it is that it should...
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    The return of weird graphical glitches in Outlook?

    Is anyone seeing what seems to be the return of this (summary: black boxes of various sizes randomly appearing in the Outlook UI)? 32-bit Outlook interface elements unexpectedly render in black, white, or blank If it's not that, it certainly seems like it, and I am using 32-bit Outlook. The...
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    Retention periods and Deleted Items

    MS is mute about what the retention period for Deleted Items is. They don't actually say what it is in any support document that I've found. New to using Outlook against in Exchange mode (as opposed to POP3, where there is no retention period) for the last month, I'm actually paying...
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    What's supposed to appear when just clicking into the search field?

    Either your last X number of searches or maybe your X most frequently searched? If I click into the search field, what I see drop down in the current Outlook 365 is a list of three past searches, neither the most recent nor the most frequent. And they never seem to change. So I went back to a...
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    PST-> (Import vs Drag-n-Drop methods

    Diane, I was all but sure you had an article about this, but I can't find it now. What is the current best practice for getting a single <1GB .PST (including Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes) into I've always used drag-n-drop when switching between PSTs, and I think there...
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    Outlook and the Windows 10 notification center

    Something has changed this year between Outlook 2016 (C2R builds only, probably) and the way notifications accrue in the notification center down on the lower-right part of the screen (not to be confused with "toast," which is working as expected). It seems that Outlook messages stack up in...
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    Stopping Outlook from restarting

    This is a minor curiosity, but I've been unable to find if there's a setting (even Registry) that will leave Outlook closed after a crash, rather than Outlook immediately relaunching itself. Thanks
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    Outlook loads when the computer boots

    This subject came up in the newsletter: Outlook has recently started opening when the computer boots. I looked in the startup menu and task manager and Outlook is not listed anywhere. I don't want it to automatically open. How do I stop it? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the...
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    When rules lose track of "specified folder"

    I'm wondering if you might know why Outlook 2016 upon startup will very occasionally these days (once or twice a month, with C2R builds over the last several months) balk about a rules issue. It invariably turns out to be that it no longer knows where local mail folders are in a set of local...
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    When rules are working but invisible and unmanageable

    I don't think I ever saw this issue before switching from Office 2016 MSI to C2R (though it's possible), but since I have, I've seen it twice. I "fixed" it the first time by running the cleanrules switch and then importing from a backup of rules that I happened to have. Or maybe that didn't...