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  1. Glyn

    Outlook sync to Android Phone

    Hi,,, I use Outlook 2013. It syncs with But i dont often go to I just use it as the only way to get mail,contacts and calendar to sync to my phone (sony Android) At least i think thats how it works. On Phone,,, I have a number of options to set up new accounts. I use the...
  2. Glyn

    Do I Need

    I do a Lot of my work within Outlook 2013 ,,, its good. I have a Sony Android Phone ,,, I want the contacts and Calendar to Sync. If i ad a EAS account on my phone and on Outlook 2013 ,,, Does the Pohne then get its info from or from Outlook 2013 ,,, orrr ,, or am i just confused
  3. Glyn

    How Do Outlook 2013 and Sync

    Hi,,, In my Ongoing efforts to have my devices Sync within microsoft products i seek help with the following; 1) Added my as EAS into Outlook 2103 2) empty contacts at 3) Moved the A's B's and C's out of my PST into the Outlook Live contacts Folder. Total of 212 contacts...
  4. Glyn

    Outlook Microsoft on a Sony Android

    Hi Again,,, Not sure How Android goes in this Forum, But, Although I'm very Microsoft Driven. Well ,,, ive just retired a windows phone for a Sony Xperia ,,, Heres how I'm trying to set it up; I have added a google account Only to get Apps. Everything else about Google sync etc is OFF! Added...
  5. Glyn

    Vcard multiple or Single .vcf's

    Hi, Just registered here after having a number of useful responses from you in Microsoft Answers forum. I also read your article on vCards and Outlook, which i am currently on a mission to have all my contacts from various phones, iphones etc. organised within Outlook I find MS Outlook the best...