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    tasks in todo list appearing twice

    All my tasks are apperaing in my To do list twice. I assume they are the same item as deleting one deletes both and adding one shows two. I've seen various solutions that involve removing an archive or backup file from a list somewhere but I'm nervous that I'll lose something. Please could I...
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    email search not working

    When I use the search box for emails on my inbox I get some suitable results returned. If I expand that to 'search all mail items' I get no results - not even the ones it just found in my inbox. It's definitely not finding things I know for sure are there. I think - but can't be sure - this...
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    email sends intermittently

    this problem just started in the last week or two. When I send emails to myself, they used to arrive almost immediately but now they don't arrive at all. When I send them to a friend, some arrive and some don't. I can't figure out what is common to the the ones that fail. I am using a laptop...