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    Example VBA Macro - To Conditionally Change the From Account and Add a BCC Address on Emails

    I have just completed a VBA macro, which intercepts all new emails I create or replies I generate from received emails (regardless of whether Reply, Reply-All or Forward has been clicked). The macro conditionally changes the default From Account to a different value and also adds a BCC address...
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    Macro using .SendUsingAccount only works the first time, after starting Outlook

    Hi All, I've put a macro together from examples I found on the web, which uses the Inspectors.NewInspector event to run code when a new item window opens, whether New, Reply, ReplyAll or Forward. Amongst other things, the macro conditionally changes the value in the 'From' drop-down list, using...
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    SendFromAccount - Problem trying to test existing value in open email

    Hi all, Whilst I've had a certain degree of success in using the MailItem.SendUsingAccount property to set the Outlook account through which I want to send an email, I've hit a brick wall in my attempts to use the MailItem.SendUsingAccount property to retreive this value from the current, open...
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    VBA Macro - Run-time error '424': object required - Help Please

    Hi, I'm afraid I'm no developer, but I'm trying to cobble together a small automation solution in Outlook for myself, using some example code I found on the web (which originated from Sue Mosher), but I'm afraid I've stumbled at the very first hurdle. I want to get Outlook to 'do something'...