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    Outlook 2007 Font

    In Outlook 2007 my fonts for my emails to others are Times New Roman 14 which they get, but when I put it in the email to others, on my Outlook it does not show as that font, to show me, but again the others get that, but want to see that on my email that I send to others. What do we need to...
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    Outlook 2007 - Macro Re Search

    The macro you gave me it searches a field of my contacts as to a word. But when it searches it says no to see. What do I fix on my outlook so it works right away. Thanks very much.
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    Outlook 2007 Macro to Contact From a Field

    Here is the macro you gave me in the past that opens up a folder in the contact folders. What can we change so that in a field of the contact, there is a name of a person from another folder, so when I click on the macro it opens up the person of the field that has the name in that field. And...
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    Outlook 2007 Criteria Search

    The following code searches the field with the certain name in the field. Can I add to this macro how it searches that field and another field that has nothing it that other field? Sub SearchByTopFollowUpNextStepTalk() Dim myOlApp As New outlook.Application txtSearch =...
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    Outlook 2007 Delete Email Addresses

    The following macro deletes the email address from the first email area. What can I change to delete from the email2 address, and also, the email3 address? Sub DeleteEmail1() Dim objApp As Application Dim objNS As NameSpace Dim objFolder As MAPIFolder Dim objItem As Object Set...
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    Outlook 2007 Fix Phone Number

    I have the following macro that if I have a phone number in the note field of 7136669999, when I run the macro it fixes the phone number to: 713.666.9999 But this macro does not do it when the phone number is in the business phone number field, the home phone number field or the cell phone...
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    Outlook 2007 Contact Form Code Not Working

    For many years through this group and others, I have a code in the form for my contact and in the contact form, when I click on the area, it runs the code. But just recently, it now says that it cannot find the specific object which has been working for ever until now. The code creates a...
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    Outlook 2007 - Userform

    I have a Userform and in the Userform there are commandbuttons, and the code for each command button is a list of macros that delete certain fields of the contact. It works, but when I run it, it does it, but is does not close the Userform when I run it. So here the example of the code for a...
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    Outlook 2007 Search All Fields in Contacts

    Since I have many fields in the contact form for all my contacts, if I want to search my contacts as to certain words in a field, is there a way to search all fields of the contacts, not just one field?
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    Outlook 2007 Custom Form and Toolbar Not Working

    Over many years I created the new custom form for my contacts and the new toolbars at the top, and the toolbars are not showing up and the when I open the contact, it says: the custom form cannot be opened. Can we solve this right away as the custom form and the toolbars are a major part of my...
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    Outlook 2007 Contract Address

    The following macro/code that I run, adds the City, State and Zip Code to the Note field, and not the Address Field of the contact. So if I have a contact list that each has an address, but not the City, State and Zip Code, which is the same for all, how can we change this so the Outlook 2007...
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    Save Contact Search as a Folder 2007

    Is there way when I create a search of all contacts relative to certain words in the certain field of the contacts, to save that search as a separate folder so I have it some place?
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    Email From Contact of Calendar

    Through all I have received, the following is the code that creates an email to a selected or opened or selected contacts individually using email template form, but when I open the contact from a calendar event, it does not recognize the email address of the contact, and it does not work. So...
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    Outlook 2007 Macro Save Contact

    I have a code that when I copy a email address from another place, I open up a contact and there is a macro that pastes it to the email address. But if I don't save the contact and close it, and open it up, it does not use that email address yet. So is there a macro that saves the contact or...
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    Delete code and commandbutton at the same time.

    I have user forms and have command buttons in them and when I click on the command button it runs the code that comes to that command button based on the code of that command button. If I want to delete the command button, is there a way to delete the command button and the related code at the...
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    Outlook 2007 Open Folder From a Contact

    In each Contact, whether it is in a subfolder, sub sub folder or sub sub sub folder, there is the normal field that shows the name of the folder that the contact is in. When open the contact form the calendar event, it is the same, but many many marcos do work re the contact when it is opened...
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    Outlook 2007 Copy Email Address in To Field

    There is a story how I need to do this. If there is an email that has not been sent yet, but is open, do we have a macro that copies the email address in the To field, and closes the email not sending it? Here is the code I got before with copies from a field in a contact, but not from an...
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    Insert Photo to Contact

    I saw in your area the following code for photos. Can we please change it immediately so if I copy a photo from some place online, and I run the code, it puts that photo in the photo of the contact I select or open. That would wonderful as well, as it helps doing it much faster for contacts...
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    Macro Create Contact and Save

    The following code creates a new contact from my form but it will not save and the error is that the parameter value is not valid....what can we do to fix this please? Sub OpenMyContact() Dim oContact As outlook.contactItem Dim oFolder As outlook.MAPIFolder Set oFolder =...
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    Macro Create Contact and Save

    The following code creates a new contact from my form but it will not save and the error is that the parameter value is not valid....what can we do to fix this please? Sub OpenMyContact() Dim oContact As outlook.contactItem Dim oFolder As outlook.MAPIFolder Set oFolder =...