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  1. jChambler

    iCloud folders in Outlook are not the same as on iCloud

    Hi, I'm using windows 10 with Outlook 16 and have an updated version of iCloud running. The list of folders on Outlook are old ones which have been deleted on iCloud. When I delete them on Outlook they reappear. I'm guessing that the folders are not syncing with iCloud in the profile on Outlook...
  2. jChambler

    Cant install BCM on windows 10

    I had BCM installed with outlook 2013 running windows 7. I have upgraded to windows 10 and everything was running fine. Outlook then started having problems with the BCM plugin and disabled it. I wasn't able to enable it so I thought to remove it. Then I started having other problems with office...
  3. jChambler

    BCM not installing properly with Outlook 360

    Hi, I have installed BCM with the full download. It installs OK and I open Outlook and enable BCM and BCM loader. The BCM appears in the bottom nav bar and in the All Folders list on the left. When I close and reopen outlook it's gone. I then go to options > Add-Ins and they are listed as...
  4. jChambler

    setup of iCloud with Outlook 2007 fails

    Hi, I am having problems with iCloud setup and Outlook 2007. Is this something I can get help with here? It fails with the error "startup failed to start due to an unexpected error". I run window's 7 32 bit. I did work but stopped syncing so I signed out and in again but couldn't with...