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  1. oliv-

    How to distinguish whether mail is incoming or outgoing?

    Hi, I usually use this test to find out if the email is incoming or outgoing. But now i see that Emails sent via the Outlook Android Application return .ReceivedByName = "My name" and Emails sent by TypeApp (Android) return a Internet Message Header ! Const PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS =...
  2. oliv-

    determine to which address an email has been sent

    Hi, How can I determine to which address an email has been sent? Suppose I have a primary email address and one (or more) email address alias In the Outlook object model, the email was received by my Exchange account and that's all. Of course I can get...
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    Hi, Is there a faster method to enumerate all OUTLOOK FOLDERS and SUBFOLDERS ? Perhaps DASL and Application.AdvancedSearch ? I want to make a ".pickfolder" alternative. Private Sub ListSubFolders() Dim OL As Outlook.Application Dim olNS As Outlook.NameSpace Dim objFolder As...
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    Hi, I need to use "folders icons" for an application. Is there a way to extract dynamically (vba) these ICONS from OUTLOOK , or from a local file ? Now, i used files from What do the Outlook icons mean? - HowTo-Outlook
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    property "is printed" or catching print events

    Hi, Does an Email have a "printed" property ? Is there a way to catch prints events ? (click in the backstage command Print, Click the Ribbon, or Ctrl+P)
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    GetTable Add body

    Hi, is it possbile to add "Body" to Table from GetTable ? Sub testGetable() Dim oFolder As Outlook.Folder Dim criteria Dim oTable As Table Dim i, oRow, r, arr Set oFolder = Application.Session.PickFolder criteria = "[MessageClass]='IPM.Note' or...
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    Treat once an email with the ItemAdd event in a shared mailbox

    Hi, I need your opinion on my current project. I have a a shared mailbox, and 2 or more users. Each user has the program. When a new Email is added in the Inbox Folder of this shared mailbox, i want to Print it just once. No problem for printing it. s my test for whether only the first that...
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    How to Run a Script IN AN ADDIN with Outlook's Rules and Alerts

    Hi, I want to run a script in a Rule, it's ok if the script is in the VBAPROJECT, but how to do that if is in an OUTLOOK ADDIN ?
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    Best practice for catching

    Hi, What is the best pratice for catching Mailitem events ? (response, forward, etc...) i saw in this article : VBA Sample: Do Something When Reply is Clicked this code Option Explicit Private WithEvents oExpl As Explorer Private WithEvents oItem As MailItem Private bDiscardEvents As Boolean...
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    Hi, Is there a way to hide an item ? I want to use a mailitem as parameters for an ADDIN
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    "Online mode with Exchange server" vs "online"

    Hi, I have an issue with vba code when i use .getConversation.GetTable If we are in mode "Online with Exchange server" or ""Connected to Microsoft Exchange" it's ok But if we are just "Online" (when it's an Additional Mailbox), it's KO there is no line in the table. additionnal Mailbox but...
  12. oliv-

    .RESTRICT returning birthdays regardless of the filtering date

    Hi, It has been several times that the restrict method returns birthdays, which does not match my filter What is the reason? Option Explicit Sub ContactDateCheck() Dim myItems As Outlook.Items Dim currentAppointment As Object Dim myAppointments As Object Dim strDate Dim...
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    How to select an mailitem in explorer with "show as conversation"

    Hi, I want to extend a code from Mickael BAUER. From an Mailitem i want to display an explorer with this Email selected BUT IF THE FOLDER IS mark "Show as conversation", the code is wrong how select an Email in cconversation mode ? how turn off/on conversation mode for just this folder ...
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    Get to: from internet Header

    Hi, I would like to programmatically identify the email address on which i received this email. Knowing that I have an account EXCHANGE, with aliases. To do this manually you must open the email and click on File / properties and search "to:" in internet HEADER. I need this to stop...
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    Hi, I need to get properties from an Outlook Mailitem to know if there is a "follow up" (task for me) on this Email and if right i want to get reminder details. Sub baba_Active_item() Dim oItem As Object Set oItem = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem Dim pa As...
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    Reduce the size of picture attachments: programmatically

    Hi, Is there another way of using a model (.oft) to check programmatically "Resize large images when I send this message" when have Image Attachments with an Email ?
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    Prevent copying shared contacts

    Hi, Is there a way, programmaticaly or not to prevent (mass ) copying contacts from a shared contact folder ?
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    Why custom form is different from original ?

    Hi, When i add something in custom form based on, i don't get the same presentation . What the problem ? thank's Sorry for my poor English