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    Outlook 2010 Opening Mail Attachment

    All was working fine. I would get an email with a pdf, video, Power Point and so on, double click and it would ask which app did I want to use. No problem. THEN after downloading a Photo Pad program I had use and had to upgrade now due to a new system I put together. When I double click on the...
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    Outlook 2010 Outlook not connecting to servers at Comcast.

    Just in the last 2 days my Outlook 2010 connects to my Gmail account and downloads the email but does not connect to the server for 2 email accounts at Comcast. Have talked to the techs at comcast and they nothing on their end. The advised to delete the comcast accounts and reinstall them. Did...
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    Outlook 2010 Can not find a certain file in M/S Outlook 2010.

    When I pay a utility bill, I save the receipt in a file in Outlook 2010. Now I can not find the file but when I type the name of utility company in the search area in Win 10, All of the past receipts show up. But not find where they are located. Is there a way to locate which file they are in...
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    When sending an email, I am showing 2 of my address's

    Using Outlook 2010 with Win 10. I was wondering why people sending return emails where getting the email that I did not send. Today I came across this wierd happening. Somewhere I hit a button that should not have been set. So any help would be nice. It looks like this John Doe...
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    Moving account, contacts & emails to another H/D with MSOutlook

    I realize that this has been asked a few times before (somewhere) in this forum but could not locate any. When I did do mine a few years ago, the email accounts and data did not import as it was in the original setup. And per usual not all of the emails where copied over. In order to upgrade the...
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    Clearing ALL information from Outlook 2010

    It has been a few years since I have used Outlook 2010, it is still on my computer. And with the problems I am having with my other email program, I have decided to go back to Outlook. There are still OLD accounts, emails and address's in the program. Is there a way to clear all and put the new...