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    SQL update column

    Hi guys, Have been trying to update a column in a new table I created with a user defined field column in sql management studio. I have run the below query and getting the error below. Any ideas why this is? Thanks for your help. update gp set = userfields.userfield32 Msg 4104...
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    Scroll Crash

    Hi everyone, Would really appreciate anyone help here who may know what's going on with our database. We have BCM database located on main computer, and then several laptops that share the database and also have offline copies of the database. When using the laptops, if you scroll through the...
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    initiated by... becoming unlinked

    Hi there, Having an issue that I was wondering if anyone could help me with. We have a large database of patients and referring GP's. We have linked the referring GP's to the patients by using the initiated by... field. That way, when we open a patient we can double click on the initiated by...