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    rule to move emails to a folder then want to delete them from that folder 2010

    hi am on outlook 2010, I have a rule to move emails to a folder. I setup auto archive to keep only a days worth then delete the rest but it does not run? did I not do the archive right? I only want to keep 1 days worth of emails then autodelete the rest, how to I do that?
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    emails disappearing from inbox outlook 2010 exchange server 2010 major trouble

    hello all, I have an interesting problem that has been going on for a few days now. I have emails come into my inbox then they disappear, they do not go to outbox or sent or junk. I turned of all rules and deleted rules as well. uninstalled outlook, I did a system restore, unjoined rejoined...
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    can u setup o/l to autodelete 2g of email when it reaches 3g on a 4g mailbox?

    hello all, we are running outlook 2010 64bit. Here is an interesting one, I have an account that gets a lot of emails in a short space of time. Not every email is important. The mail box is setup for 4gigs. I tried rules but so many different headings and body of emails come in rules stop...