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    Meeting Request - Too Many Recipients

    A meeting was created from a shared calendar, and then forwarded to a couple distribution groups with about 40 members total, as well as a few individuals. These members then forwarded this meeting to very large distribution groups. In the original invite, it now shows each recipient...
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    Meeting Invites Arrive as .ics Attachments

    I have a user with Outlook 2013 (Office 365 ProPlus), and meeting invites from select external sources arrive as plain messages with .ics attachments. These attachments then contain the meeting invite. Is this a setting on our end, their end, the client?
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    After Moving or Deleting Open Item - Meeting Requests

    I'm aware of the setting "After moving or deleting an open item...", but it doesn't seem to be working for meeting requests in Outlook 2013. More Detail: If I have multiple meeting requests next to each other in my inbox and I open one and accept, I am returned back to my inbox instead of the...