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    Incoming invites to my imap account does not sync to

    Hi, If I send an invite it syncs fine to but if I receive an invite it is only stored in my default calendar ( / live account calendar) but it is not synced to the cloud calendar hence not further on to my phone either. My default datafile is...
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    Outlook Today. How to rename IMAP inbox accounts to something else than inbox?

    Dear Community, I'd like to use the front page Outlook Today but how do I change the name of the email-accounts? I have three IMAP accounts. They are called e.g. Mail 1, Mail 2 and Mail 3. When you customize the Outlook Today screen you can add certain email-folders so that you can see...
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    Outlook 2013 EAS, 3 imap accounts. Meeting invites not synced to

    Dear Community, I have Outlook 2013 setup with Three IMAP accounts and one MS live account. Default email account is one of the Three IMAP accounts. Default datafile is the Live account. If I get a meeting invite sent to any of the Three imap accounts I can accept the meeting and it...
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    BCM in Outlook reports maximum database size to 4GB despite SQL Server 2008 R2

    Hi, Solved one problem to get a new one:-) I think the MS info on this matter is somewhat unclear (or maybe I'm just not getting it). Anyway, it says that SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 Express should have an increased database size from 4GB to 10GB. When I look in Outlook BCM menu my newly...
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    "No database found" but successful connection to SQL server.What am I missing?

    Hi, All clients can connect to the server but no database is found, cannot connect to database. I am stuck and cannot understand the problem. It cannot be firewalls or ports (5356) since I can connect to the server. Why isn't my database(s) visible. The screen just shows an empty list with...