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    Unable to save recurring Meeting to Documents folder due to error

    Hi, I have a user who has a recurring webex meeting invite in her calendar. She is trying to save this meeting to her Documents folder. Every time she tries to save the meeting to her Documents folder she gets an error, "The Operation Failed. The messaging interfaces have returned an unknown...
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    How To Get Body of All Emails to view in Blue

    Hi, I have been working with a client who is using Outlook 2016. He wants the body of all email messages that come in and that he currently has to be in blue. (I was able to make it blue for the name, subject and message preview, but I can’t seem to get the entire body of all his messages...
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    How to get body of all emails in outlook 2016 to view in blue color

    Hi, I have been working with a client who is using Outlook 2016. He wants the body of all email messages he receives to be in blue. I have been able to change it blue for the message preview, and when a new mail message arrives, but I can't seem to get it to change for the entire body of all...
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    Outlook 2016 in Cached Mode

    Hello- We have a user who has his outlook 2016 in cached mode. How do we get his latest emails to come through while in cached mode? The latest email he had was from last week. (He had put his laptop his laptop in airplane mode since he travels a lot.) Please advise. Thanks!
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    Multiple Outlook Invites Received by One Person

    Hi- User A received 17-18 outlook meeting acceptances for a meeting that passed last week by User B. User B checked her Sent Items and saw a bunch of her meeting acceptances had been set out. User C had originally setup the meeting invite (to 100 people or so) in her outlook. User C is also a...
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    Outlook 2016- unable to have all subfolders expanded when opening outlook

    Hi, I have a user that has Outlook 2016. She wants to have all her subfolders (everything), and Online Archives (Cloud Based) expanded all the time especially when she opens up Outlook. She does not want to have to expand any folder in the folder list. I have tried these steps below, but it...