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    Need to backup to cloud storage, without desktop software - Testing UpSafe. Are there any similar services?

    I need to find a reliable solution for backing up accounts to cloud storage without using desktop software to backup to local storage or NAS. Cloud-to-cloud. Some method or technique that is reliable at maintaining a daily backup or second copy. I am aware of and have been testing...
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    Compacting Outlook 2010 OST results in old emails being re-sent

    Hello Diane and fellow readers, I have a customer running outlook 2010, connected to an offsite company exchange server, and I am compacting the OST now. The customer's OST file is 45GB!! Hence compacting is still running as I write this, 18 hours later. The customer reported to me this...
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    Outlook 2016 mp3 attach "this file cannot be preview because there is no previewer installed for it"

    Running Outlook 2016 msi, up-to-date as of 8/5/16. When I try to preview a mp3 attachment, Outlook gives the following message: "this file cannot be preview because there is no previewer installed for it" I use VLC Media Player (newest release), and have it set to have all defaults in Windows...
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    Can't send email through connected account ( - goes to Drafts folder

    Hi Diane, I bought a new computer that came with Office 365 Home, and after going to per the instructions on the product key card that came with it, I had to create an account. I entered, and a new account was created so that I could access the web console to...