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    Outlook add-in to create new contact from an email.

    I used to use Gwabbit but it's not compatible with OL2016. Any suggestions for 3rd party solutions to quickly and easily add a new contact to OL2016? I've tried and eliminated Copy2Contact, AddressGrabber and signature2contacts.
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    OL2010 - Send to Mail Recipient going to wrong account

    Right clicking on a file, SEND TO, MAIL RECIPIENT is defaulting to the wrong email account. It's going to an earthlink POP account instead of my DEFAULT OL account for gmail. Is it possible to change this so that SEND to MAIL RECIPIENT defaults to the gmail account?
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    Default Start time for Private Appointment

    I created a new Private Appointment form/template which is working great except for the fact that the default starting time is 12:00am. How can I edit the default starting time for the new default appointment template/form from 12:00am to 8:00am please?
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    New computer, OL2010 unable to display shared calendar appointments

    New Windows 7, 64-Bit PC running Office/OL 2010. I can see the shared calendars but no appointments are displayed. They display fine on the old Windows 7 64-Bit PC runnigin Office/OL 2007.
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    Flagged for Follow Up Search folder MIA after PST export/import

    Windows 7 64 Bit, Office 2007. Exported .pst and imported successfully. The "Flagged For Follow Up" Search Folder is missing. If I create anew one, will all of my flagged emails reappear?
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    "The Operation Failed. The messaging interfaces have returned an unknown error

    Using OL 2010 with an Exchange account AND Google app sync for OL. When replying to any email received to my Exchange account, I get this error. I have to delete the reply to address and manually enter it in order to have it send successfully. How the reply to address appears when it fails:
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    OL2010; How to ALWAYS Reply/Forward using HTML?

    New emails are configured to be emailed as HTML by default. Whenever I reply or forward ANY email, OL is defaulting to Plain Text. I would like it to default to HTML so I can use my fancy-shmancy signature without having to edit the text format with EVERY email.. Thx.
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    Multiple instances of OL2007 and creating rules

    I have 3 pc's all running OL2007 and Exchange. I want to create a rule that applies to all inbound email across all 3 instances of OL. Do I need to create the same rule on all 3 PC's or do I just need to create the rule on 1 pc and Exchange carries the rule across all 3?
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    OL 2010 default calendar view

    my OL 2010 just started defaulting to "Day View" instead of the LAST view that was visible prior to exiting which is ALWAYS Month View. I've tried disabling all add-ins to no avail. Reboot didn't help either.
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    OL10 - Send To "Mail Recipient" doesn't go to default email account

    I just upgraded from OL07 to OL10. I'm not sure I'll be sticking with OL10 based on the fact that when I right click on a file that I wish to email and select MAIL RECIPIENT, the attachment is attached to a new email but OL is trying to send it through my secondary, (Exchange), email account...