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    Backing Up My .pst File

    I'm going to need to do a clean re-install of my Win 7 OS. I am wanting to save my Outlook Profile on external HD so I can populate Outlook 2010 with it once I reinstall. I have already saved my Outlook folder containing my profiles to the HD, but do I need to save my contact list separately...
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    Syncing iPhone w/Outlook

    I have been having trouble getting the right calendar (CALENDAR) on my iPhone 5 to sync with OL 2010 using the Code2Sync tool. I tried creating different rules to achieve this and had some success in getting the right calendar in OL, however, I cannot figure out how to get OL Today (by clicking...
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    Using Codesync 2 Tool - Which Calendar

    Good morning. I like to sync my iCloud calendar with Outlook. The calendar I use (I enter new appointments on my iPhone 5 but they sync with my iPad too) is CALENDAR within my iPhone/iPad - I do not use PERSONAL or WORK. I recently experienced a problem with a bad iTunes install of the latest...
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    Events Not Showing In Outlook Today

    Recently I had a problem installing the latest version of iTunes, so I had to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. Now appointments that appear in my calendar (from iCloud) are not showing in Outlook Today(but they do appear in the iCloud calendar). I have made sure that calendar from iCloud is...
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    Outlook 2010 Very Slow To Open Recently

    I have been experiencing very slooooooow launch times (90 - 120 seconds) over the past few months. I am not familiar with any new software that could be causing this. I run Ccleaner and Ad- Aware fairly regularly (ever other week or so). Any suggestions. Oh, Win 7 32 bit.
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    How To Delete AN Email Acoount Without Losing The Data File?

    Hello, I have two email accounts set up with OL on my PC. I get email on my iPhone and iPad and to this point have not found a way to delete a message from the server from one device so it does not dump into the other devices inbox...with either account. So, with the PC being the least used...
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    2010 Personal Folders Question

    I sync my iPhone 4 with Outlook. I wish I could get away from this, but it's the only way I can find to place new appointments and contacts into Outlook as I'm entering them throughout the day on the phone without forgetting to do it manually on my PC. I have found the whole calendar thing...
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    Setting How Often Email Is Downloaded

    I am wondering, how can I set the interval that email is pulled from the server. Thanks for any help.
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    Outlook 2007 - iTunes - iCloud Sync Problems

    Hello, I have had the custom-built PC I own for almost two years. The OS is Win 7. The version of iTunes I am running is 10.6 (up to date). I am also running (or was until last night) Office '07. Up until I activated my iCloud account, everything seemed to be hunky-dory. Last Thursday night I...