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    Combine Mail Merge to Distribution List with Auto Attachments - Outlook 2007

    Hello, I'm trying to combine the following two pieces of code, both of which were found online, into a macro that will: 1. Loop through a distribution list 2. Create a new email for each listed email address 3. Attach a PDF to each email based on the name in the "to field" 4. Save...
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    Broken Folder Loop - Outlook 2007 (.oft files)

    Hello, I cobbled together the following code (which is designed to loop through a template folder, open each file, and save it as a draft) from examples online. It's presented below. Public Sub CreateFromTemplateLoop() Dim MyItem As Outlook.MailItem Dim myOlApp As Outlook.Application...
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    Change Template Recipient Automatically - Outlook 2007

    Hello, I have an Outlook distribution list of ~50 clients, each of whom needs to be emailed a personal Excel report once a week. I want to produce a macro that would loop through the distribution list, pull the individual email addresses, and apply each address to its own template. The...