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    Outlook 365 Email Notifications

    I have Outlook 365 installed on my Windows 10 computer. My workplace has settings that prevent the Windows 10 notifications from providing me a preview of any new emails coming in. I am wondering if there is any applications out there that would provide a desktop preview of new email messages...
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    Gathering Calendar Appointments from Calendars that synced as Contacts

    We have two companies that are merging together. During this merger we are sharing GAL and company A MIM synced their stuff over to company B. This sync caused all of the room calendars to come through in the Address Book as contacts. This is ok, but now I am needing to get data exported to...
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    Creating a button or link to a form in the Organizational Forms Library

    We have a custom form that is published to the Organizational Forms Library. Is there a way to create a button in Outlook that would link to that form in the Organizational Forms Library? Or is there a way to create a shortcut icon on the desktop that would link to that form? If there are any...
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    Outlook Forms Help

    Hello, I am creating a Custom Outlook form. I am using the olkDateControl option from the Control Toolbox. When I set this up and run the form I can enter a date just fine, but when I go to view the email, the date field shows none as an option verses the date that I entered in. What do I need...
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    Macro for attachment saved and combine

    I work as the Exchange Admin for our system. When ever we have a new threat that comes in, we have to run a PowerShell command that pulls that threat from the users mailbox and puts a separate mailbox in our main Exchange Admin email that lists the users mailbox and includes an Excel attachment...
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    Creating or changing the main new mail message template in Outlook 2010

    Hello, Here is what I am trying to do. I have this signature, see below Nick Anderson Job Title Here Street Address Here City, State Zip Here Phone: 605-555-5555 Cell: 605-555-5556