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    Outlook 2016 Message-ID oddity/inconsistency?

    I use Outlook 2003 with internet-mail only, namely a few Yahoo accounts, via POP3. I recently discovered that, for any email I send from Outlook (via Yahoo SMTP servers), the resulting unique message-id in the header ends in "…@[my local computer name].” I had expected it would end in...
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    New Links on Navigation Pane, How to Remove?

    I have Outlook 2003. Since my pst size reached over 1.5 GB, I decided to switch from an ANSI format pst (2GB size restriction) to UNICODE (far larger capacity). That actually went smoothly. But early in the process I was reading an article regarding pst-type migration, and it suggested that...
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    Make Enter Network Password Prompt Go Away Automatically

    Hi. Still using Outlook 2003, POP3 only with 3 Yahoo accounts and 3 Comcast accounts. I periodically have issues (mostly with Yahoo), where the "Enter Network Password" dialog pops up frequently during my automatic Send/Receives. Note that I am *not* asking how to resolve that issue, because...
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    Can't modify Outlook view font with IE anymore (even though IE still affects print font)

    I recently migrated from XP to Windows 7 pro-x64. But for now I'm keeping Outlook 2003. The problem is that I have a higher resolution screen on my new laptop. I knew that this meant I'd have to make some font modifications (enlargement, for readability) -- including increasing the system...