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    Calendar search failing & wrong indexlocation showing..OL2010

    In the windows search setup I moved the location of the index file to another drive...sucessfully. But when I open the search tools in OL 2010, it won't let me select a new keeps defaulting to the old location. Interestingly, the calendar search is completely dead ( I have...
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    Auto Accept Notifications from a shared icloud calendar?

    If my partner on a shared icloud calendar makes a new appointment, I see that only after I accept it using the Notifications button. Can I automate that? Outlook 2010 32 bit on Win 7 64 bit, no exchange ...
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    Calendar view for future events only?

    I can make a view that colors or filter items for the next week or next month, but what I'm trying to do is filter the view to only today and future events. The value field is blank, but if I could use that, I'd have a handle on it. But am I missing something obvious? Actually a monthly view...