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    How to filter primary contacts in business contact manager

    Does anyone know how to filter out primary business contacts from all business contacts? I'm in Contact Management in the Business Contacts tab. When in Account you have to click which Business Contact you want as the primary contact so there must be a field for it somewhere but I can't find...
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    Current View Pane for Contacts missing from Outlook 2016

    Hello - I'm updating from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2016. In Outlook 2007 Contacts I have lots of differently defined Current View's which would show up in the Navigation Pane when you select show Current View Pane. I can't find how to replicate this in Outlook 2016? The Navigation Pane seems...
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    Message Class keeps changing back to IPM.Contact

    Hi - I use a custom contact form in Outlook 2007 and successfully use a short VB script to change the message class to IPM.Contact.customform and more recently I use Doc Message Class which is even easier. It has worked for years without problem but now my contacts keep changing back to the...