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  1. wisedave

    Office 365 Outlook - Emails send but don't receive

    Hello, I am setting up a new laptop that is running Windows 8.1 and Office 365. I am having a bit of a problem setting up an email account with Outlook. I am setting up an IMAP account for a colleague which is how her account was set up on her older Windows 7/Outlook 2010 laptop. The...
  2. wisedave

    Missing icon that show message was forwarded, etc

    Hello, I used to have a little icon in my viewing pane that showed if a message was replied to or forwarded (if memory serves me right, the forwarding arrow was blue but I can't remember the other colour). Those little icons are now missing. Do you know how to get them back? Many thanks! Dave
  3. wisedave

    IMAP Mail Directory Keeps Going Empty

    Hello, We use Outlook 2010 our our Windows 7 laptops. Only one email account for our domain is set up as IMAP. That account is set up so my wife can receive her emails on her laptop as well as her iPhone 4s (running the updated iOS8). We noticed a problem a couple of days ago that her...
  4. wisedave

    Can I delete my POP3 account?

    Hello, I have a consultant who is no longer contracted to our company. We had set up a POP3 account from our domain but have since changed his password so he can no longer send/receive from that account. When he send/receives, he gets an error message that he needs to input his password. He...
  5. wisedave

    Switch from POP3 over to IMAP

    Hello All, Our company uses Outlook 2010. All accounts are set up on POP3. I would like to switch them over to IMAP as I want to be able to retrieve my emails on my iPhone 4s but still be able to pick them up on my laptop. What is the best way to do this? We still need access to our...
  6. wisedave

    Moving Email Service From One Host to Another - Need Direction

    Hello all, I have decided to move my email service from my current host to Liquid Web (where I am going to also host a Word Press site). I don't know where to begin! LW has cPanel and also has my domain set up. What is the process to move from one host to another? I was told I had to...
  7. wisedave

    Duplicate Emails Downloading Everytime I Open Outlook

    Hello, I am in the middle of switching over to new email server host. I have set up a new POP3 account in Outlook. Now what is happening is that each time I open Outlook, it will download 800+ emails everytime! One question I have is when I created the account, I ticked the box to use...