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  1. crazyboy

    Problems connecting to BCM on Server

    We are running Office/BCM 2010 and had a machine previously working and upgraded it to Windows 10 Pro from Home via the Windows store and in the process the user account changed from a local account to a Windows account. We changed the account back to local but it still isn't able to connect to...
  2. crazyboy

    Copying BCM database from backed up mounted image to new drive

    Hi, I have a BCM database i'd like to bring back alive, it's now mounted via acronis as "H" drive from an external USB backup drive, i see the mdf and log files but can't seem to have the new windows install / sql recognize it when i copy it into the my "C" drive :( Please help!
  3. crazyboy

    SQL 2014 and BCM

    Hi, I restored a backup of BCM from SQL 2005 into SQL 2014 in hopes that BCM would work...i'm now reading that outlook and bcm versions have a play in the matter :( Is there a way to make above setup work with Office & BCM 2007? Thx
  4. crazyboy

    BCM Installation Best Practices?

    Hi, I find there's not much support for BCM, I was wondering if anyone can direct me to a step by step on how to properly install it. First off I would like to know if it's best to setup SQL on Server 2003 then convert the BCM database into it or if no other SQL applications are needed...