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    Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

    Mail admin recently upgraded some of our Off365 accounts to the latest Microsoft upgrade. I can start Outlook 2013 OK on my PC and connect to get/receive mail. However, on my assigned VM desktop, Outlook will not start. The message I get is: "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the...
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    Private Address Groups

    I have a client using Office 365, fronted by the Outlook client on his MacBook Pro. He has created four personal groups of individuals in his Contacts list. Until last Sunday (24 March) he could send messages to these groups and the messages would show as 'sent.' Now when he tries, the status...
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    Calendar Delegaton

    Diane, The advisor did calendar sharing with the three employees. They opened her calender through the e-mail they received as a result of the sharing process. When a reminder pops up on the advisor's calendar, it also pops up on the other employees' calendars. As for making appointments...
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    Calendar Delegaton

    I have an advisor who delegates and shares her calendar with three fellow employees. They have asked two questions: 1. How to keep the advisor's appointment reminders from popping up on their own (employees) calendars? We know reminders can be turned entirely off but do not want that, just...
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    Distribution Group Owners Cannot Add/Delete Members

    We are an Office 365 school. Users use both Outlook and the Web for their mail, calendar, contacts, etc. As an admin, I create secure distribution groups which can send and receive e-mail, using Powershell commands to grant mailbox permissions and access. All this works well, but one thing...
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    Nothing in 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook 2010

    OK, so WEIRD!!I had reset the view after the first reply from Diane. Now I chose the 'Sent Items' folder and CHANGED the view to 'compact' instead of 'single' and WHOOMP!, the sent items are now there! I really don't understand what happened in the first place, but I ain't a gonna touch it...
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    Nothing in 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook 2010

    Not using cached mode but did the clear offline cache anyway. No change, nothing in the folder. Switched to folder list. One set of folders. No change. Nothing in the folder
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    Nothing in 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook 2010

    Office 365 e-mail account; using Outlook 2010 as mail client. There is absolutely nothing in the 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook, but when I log in to the web account, the sent items are in the folder as they should be. Any ideas why those items do not show up in the Outlook folder where they...
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    Sent Items

    Hi Diane, Yes, correct, they are getting saved but not syncing back to Outlook. That is the ONLY folder not syncing. And funny, it 'used' to, but I have no clue as to why it stopped.
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    Distribution Group administration

    We created several distribution groups in our Office365/Outlook environment. These were created by registered administrators who added other department members as co-'owners' of the groups. When looking at one of these groups in the Global Address List, only the registered admin's name shows up...
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    Sent Items

    Diane, Thanks for the reply. No, I did not make a new profile, and yes, the settings are to 'save sent messages.' I can see them all in my Office365 e-mail on the Web, but they do not appear at all - even ones I have sent today - in the 'Sent' folder in my Outlook account. Be advised, I am...
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    Sent Items

    Wasn't sure how to add to previous seems nothing I send is being 'saved' into the 'Sent' folder. There is probably a setting for that (?) but I know there was no change to it.
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    Sent Items

    Yesterday, there were numerous items in my Outlook 'Sent' folder. Today there are none!! I made NO account settings or other changes in Outlook. Anyone got a clue as to what happened to my 'Sent' items?? My .ost file is still where it should be.
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    Security-enabled Distro Group Members Can't Access Associated Group Mailbox

    We established mailboxes through AD for what we call ‘organizational accounts.’ We created security-enabled distribution groups – one for each org account. We assigned a person as ‘owner’ for each of the groups. We gave that person ‘Group Creator’ role in mailbox management so they could add...
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    Meetings in Outlook 2010

    Customer wants meeting notices to show subject of meeting instead of meeting organizer. How to do?