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    Can emails from Gmail be deleted when they are downloaded to Outlook 2010

    I setup my Gmail in Outlook 2010 in pop and noticed that when I login to Gmail on the web there are many emails that were downloaded to Outlook which is the only way I get my emails are still on Gmail. I'm mainly interested in making sure the ones I delete in Outlook are also deleted in Gmail...
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    Changing where data .pst is saved to

    In Outlook 2010 In account settings if I change the location where Outlook saves all new messages on the email tab, does that also change the location of the .pst in the data tab to the same location I changed it to? The reason I ask is I use a program called GoodSync to copy my main storage...
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    Is it possible to transfer things from one calendar to another

    My email service that I have had for over 15+ years discontinued the email service, I got notice several months ago and rather than wait I started using my Gmail email address as my main email address. when I setup my Gmail in account settings on the email tab I made the Gmail the default but in...
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    Outlook 2010 How to set default email address for website links

    when I click on a website link to email them it uses a email address I will no longer have in 2 weeks. How do I change the email address that those links use? Thanks
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    A few question before I decide to switch to Pop from imap

    Since settings up Gmail in Outlook 2010 I've had a few issues, 1. takes a long time to send/receive mail 2. my new mail notifications stop working so I'm not getting any notification when I get new mail. Since I only use my email on my desktop computer and not on my other devices I am thinking...
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    Can someone explain syncing with Outlook and Gmail

    Since I have added my Gmail email to my Outlook 2010 I've noticed something I've never seen before in Outlook 2010. I had an email address from a ISP so when I checked my mail manually or as Outlook checks every minute., it took a second if that long and all was sent and received unless there...
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    All of a sudden I lost connection to Gmail servers

    I have been getting all my Gmail on Outlook 2010 since a week ago when my issue was resolved. Today I ran a security check on Google to make my Gmail as secure as possible. It found that I had a third party accessing my Gmail, it showed that it was ThunderBird which is what I used to get my...
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    Gmail in Outlook 2010 preview issue

    I have setup my Gmail address in Outlook 2010. I have my Outlook view settings to be compact so when I get an email I see the email I don't see any preview. IN outlook with my old email address I could turn off preview pane. with Gmail every email that comes in Outlook 2010 has a few lines of...
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    Outlook 2010 Help setting up Gmail account in Outlook 2010

    Hello everyone, I just found out that my email address from Cableone is discontinuing email service in the upcoming year. For someone who has had a cableone email address for so many years I forget when I first got it, has to be 15-20 years ago. You can imagine how freaked out I am just...
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    Outlook 2010 How can I change the font size on right side appointment pane

    On the Outlook 2010 interface on the far right side there is a column or pane where there are tabs that show appointments. I'd like to be able to change the font size.
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    I think it may be time to upgrade from Outlook 2010

    I've been having issues with Outlook 2010 with size of fonts and other small issues. I love 2010 but it might be time for me to upgrade. I don't use the other products in office that much and when I do my office 2010 works fine for that. I own office 2013 but never installed it due to the color...
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    Is it possible it set the fonts used to read incoming mail

    It seems that all mail I get with outlook 2010 comes in so small, is it possible to set the fonts and size for incoming mail in Outlook 2010? Attached is an example of how small the fonts are on most of my incoming emails
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    I searched high and low for this answer in its most likely know but I thought I would be sure

    .Like I said I've been searching high and low for this answer and I figured if there was an answer that I couldn't find it would be here. Lately I'm starting to get all kinds of spam in the subject line in the middle section of my Outlook which is set up differently than most so it's Body...
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    Can you set reminder to specific times?

    I've been battling for years with Outlook 2010 when it comes to reminders, whenever I set a reminder it seems like I get reminded at odd hours of the morning or night and get woken up. I know you can set not to be reminded or you can set anything from hours to half a days, two weeks. But this...
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    Is there a way to add something that is in the "Format Text" tab to the "basic Text" on the message tab

    In Outlook 2010 when you're creating an email there is a "format text" tab that has things in it that I would like to have In the basic text section in the message tab. Is there any way to select individual things from one section in one tab and move them to another section in another tab. For...
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    Question about address book in Outlook 2010

    I have had this issue for a long time but other issues have taken priority. I thought that if I replied to an email the sender's email address should be added to my address book. Is that so or am I incorrect?
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    Is there a good third party SPAM filter that intergrates with Outlook 2010

    I have tried Spam Bully and it was good but they haven't updated the software in many years now, Spamfigghter is rated #1 but I have had issues with it 3 times. I use to get maybe 1 SPAM a day and I just delete it, something happened lately and now I get 3 an hour, I know the Junk filter in...
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    Another reinstall of Outlook 2010 issue

    Since reinstalling a new SSD hard drive and the full version of Windows 10 I had to reinstall Office 2010. I am having an issue in Outlook where when I search a folder it goes on and on and never produces any results. There is something wrong, in the past when I had to reinstall Outlook 2010 I...
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    Just had to reinstall window 10 then Office and forgot how to control fonts sizes

    Hello, As my title says I just installed a new solid start hard drive and a full version of Windows 10 that I bought at the Microsoft Store. I was having problems with my Windows 10 Upgrade for several reasons so I decided to do a fresh install. It's been a few years since I had to install...
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    How to set fonts for emails in all folders in Outlook

    I would like to have the same font and size for emails in all folders, for some reason I have different size fonts in different folders. Both examples are folders that I save emails to. You can see the dates are not blurred out and you can see in folder 1 the fonts are small and in folder 2 they...