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  1. soadfan

    Outlook won't send e-mail when offline

    I have this code, which is working fine, except if you don't have internet connection. The problem is that Outlook doesn't send it when internet connection is back. It doesn't appear in the Outbox folder either So is there a way to send it automatically later? Private Sub...
  2. soadfan

    assign category (VBA)

    How can i assign category on incoming emails based on received date? For example odd dates> blue, even > red
  3. soadfan

    Outlook rules look up display name only

    Hello, i'm running Outlook 2013 (v 15.0.49....) I have a set up a bunch of rules which was working fine. Recently the company i'm working in decided to migrate from "local" domain to the new "global" one. Also updated mail server from POP3 to Microsoft exchange. Most of the email accounts are...
  4. soadfan

    Enable all rules from toolbar button?

    Hello there, i have this issue which is described HERE (a screenshot of a MSO forum's thread) Just for info i've added and 3 sec delay, but no luck: Public Sub saveAttachtoDiskNL(itm As Outlook.MailItem) Debug.Print "*** START NL_STT" Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment Dim saveFolder As String...