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    Change order of actions in one (!) rule

    Dear Forum Users, I have the following rule: Apply to message with "BMX" in the subject and on this computer only forward it to "" and run "" I have to first run a script then forward. The attachments must be removed BEFORE forwarding. I...
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    saving attachement to folder named the same as rule name

    Dear Forum Users, My task to do is: run rules by VBA and save attachments to folder named the same as rule name. Rules are working on demand (not when message arrives!) I wrote VBA code in ThisOutlookSession which saves attachments but I really don't know how to read rule name ... I attach...
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    ThisOutlookSession debug

    Dear Forum Users, Does anyone know how to debug the code written in ThisOutlookSession module? I am using MsgBox function to catch the bug but it's very insufficient method... Regards, Andrzej
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    Rules - how to determine if all conditions in rule are true or false

    Dear Forum Users, I am trying to get know if all conditions in a single rule return true or false. How to get know that by VBA (programmatically) ? For example I have a rule: If subject or body contains "AC4" or "AC 4" or AC/4" forward it to AC4 group and run a script...
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    Capture network traffic in IE to file

    Dear Colleagues, I need to do the following by VBA procedure in Outlook: 1) open in Internet Explorer http:// www. 2) wait (about 15 seconds) until IE redirects to https:// www. 3) read the word "hugedomains" from URL2 I...
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    Outlook: copy & paste

    Hello, I am new in VBA. Can you help me with the following problem: I need to copy and paste msg files from c:\msg\*.msg to Outlook 2007 folder (for example “for_send”) I did it by copy function (see code below) but unfortunately outlook can't see it as mailitem. Outlook also changes an icon of...
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    outlook 2007 how to chcek all rules ?

    Dear Forum Users, I have a question to more experienced programmers in VBA (Outlook users) In Outlook 2007 there is no button to "Select all" rules. It appeared in 2010. Is it possible to create such a button in 2007? (using VBA) Best regards, Andrzej N. Brussels