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    Implement Keywords based on body message

    I'm looking for a way to implement keywords inside the body message. The algorithm will read the body message and add the keywords inside the same body message. Read > Extract the keywords by using the RemoveStopWords Function > Write the keywords inside the message body. Keywords: Sales...
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    What is the best EntryID format to set on MS Access table

    I am developing an Access database where I will save information from Outlook to one Access table. Basically I will save the following data: EntryID StoreID ReceivedTime Subject Sender I would like to know what is the format for EntryID and StoreID? Luthius
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    Open an outlook email by Subject on MS Access linked table with VBA

    Hi everyone I linked my Inbox folder to MS access table. It means that every time I open my access table, it is updated as per current emails in my inbox - It is already an built in feature on MS Access. I would like to know on how from my MS Access, using the Subject field in my linked table I...