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  1. S birthdays show up 1 day late on iPhone contacts list

    Many birthday dates show up 1 day late on my iPhone 8 (iOS11) default contacts list, although they show up correctly on the iPhone calendar. For example a birthday correctly entered in for March 8 1995 would display in iPhone contacts as March 9 1995, but would appear correctly on...
  2. S cannot edit some contacts

    When I try to edit contact details, I go to save my changes I get the message "The contact cannot be updated right now. Please try again later." This does not happen on all my contacts but many of them. The issue has persisted for weeks/months. Any idea how to fix it?
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    Error after enabling 2-step authentication in 2013

    I had an account set up as an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) account in Outlook 2013. This afternoon I decided to set up 2-step verification on my account. As directed I generated an App password to use in Outlook 2013, and entered this into the Password box in Outlook...
  4. S set up as EAS in Outlook 2013 – Emails can take up to 25 minutes to arrive

    Diane Thanks for all your help in setting up my in Outlook 2013 using EAS. Calendar and Contacts seems to sync fine between the two. I’m left with one major problem in that some emails arrive immediately but many others are delayed by 10, 15, 25 minutes etc (at random). This...
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    Drafts in Outlook 2013/ with EAS & IMAP

    Diane. I understand that with an account setup in Outlook 2013 using EAS the Drafts folders will not sync (it shows as “This Computer Only”). I use Drafts a lot and I was wondering is the following is a workaround. 1) In addition to setting up as EAS in...
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    Is it possible to backup 2013 Email & Calendar info?

    Diane. I have just started using with Outlook 2013 for the first time, having switched from using a POP account in Outlook 2002 and 2003. I apologize if this question has been asked previously, but is there a way to: 1) Backup the emails in 2013...
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    Transferring POP emails from Outlook 2002 to email in Outlook 2013

    I have installed Outlook 2013 on a new computer. I will be using a new email address as my email account. I have emails from a Yahoo account in Outlook 2002 on my old computer (using POP) that I need to get into the new account and into Outlook 2013. When I tested this...