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    Outlook Form... cont.

    Hello I posted a question a while ago and I've now managed to create a working form... I'm not slow it's just that I have other stuff to do :) I now have a form that can be sent to any user, filled in, sent to a manager... authorised and sent to myself, giving me an application and an...
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    Request Form

    Hi I'm a total novice and in danger of being kicked as a noob :) I started on what I thought would be an easy little project and didn't realise things could get so complicated. We have a software system which requires a log on and staff have to apply for a log-on with a line managers...
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    Outlook Forms Blank once sent.

    Hi, I have the similar problem to an earlier post, I've created a request form which needs to be filled in by a user then emails to their line manager (Myself and another admin cc'd into it) the line manager checks a box and then emails to all which includes my admin,the initial test mail showed...