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    Default font

    Hello, for new messages can I have default font set for each mail account (Outlook 2010) ? Thx M
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    Multiple Exchange accounts

    Hello, I have two MS Exchange Accounts (emails) and both added to my Outlook 2010. Both accounts are on the same Exchange server (same domain), ergo both have the same Public Folders. Outlook shows Public Folders list for both accounts?!? How can I remove one, because these are the same...
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    Public folder view

    Hello! In our company we use Oulook 2007 and 2010 on Exchange 2007 server. The problem we're facing is that we use "Public folders", but they are not visible in Outlook in "normal" view (Ctrl+1), only in "Folder view" (Ctrl+6). Is there any setting for the public folders to be...