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    Outlook 2013 and Organizational Forms Library

    Hi, I know that Outlook 2013 can not directly publish to the Organizational Forms Library. So I opend File, Options,...,Forms Manager and tried to copy the form from the Personal Library to the Organizational Forms Library. But the copy button is not active. With the Exchange console I set my...
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    Outlook 2013 form data is not transmitted

    Hello, I created an Outlook form based on mail with a text field. But the content of the text field is not transmitted. The user just receives a mail with twice the signature but no data. The form has no seperate read layout and is not published in the Organizational Forms Library...
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    BCM 2010 - Customize a field with a consecutive number?

    Hi there, currently we're using a simple Access 2003 database to manage our sales opportunities and offers. Every offer has a unique consecutive number which is created by Access. PDFs and emails are spread on the sales peoples computers. I'm now thinking about using BCM because there I...