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    Select Existing BCM Business Contact in C# application

    I want select existing BCM business contact in c# application. I have used following Code private void SelectBusinessContact() { Outlook.Application _app = new Outlook.Application(); Outlook.Application olApp = (Outlook.Application)_app...
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    BCM suddenly crashed and not able to view specific business contact.

    When I try to open BCM I get the following error message "Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not complete your last action or actions. Please try again." When I click on the OK button the error message disappears.when click form layout, that time also "Business Contact Manager for...
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    How to retrieve user defined fields values to bcm form.

    Currently I am saving user defined fields to sql server 2008 as varbinary(512). but when I retrieving those values to BCM form it is displaying as not correct format. Which format we need to save user defined fields to BCM database?
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    How to disable user defined fields in BCM forms

    I am currently working in BCM. I want to display data in Business Contact form.but user should not edit that value.How to disable user defined fields (text box) in Business Contact form. Is it possible to do in Business Contact Manager?