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    Importing other e-mail accounts into Outlook

    I imported two email account to my Outlook file. How do I make one to be the primary account so that when I open Outlook that is the one highlighted?
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    Using Outlook to view Office 365 e-Mail

    I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on my Laptop (Qosmio X505). I like using Outlook to view all my e-Mail accounts. I already have other e-Mail accounts from hotmail & gMail that sync to my Outlook so that I do not have to view them from their domain site. My job now uses Office 365...
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    Adding a g-Mail account to view in Outlook

    I just set up a g-Mail account to come into Outlook and it tested OK. However, when I synchronized the g-mail account with Outlook, the incoming files did not come through to the correct Inbox. Instead, they came through to the Cox Inbox. I am using a server. I checked the...