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    Custom Field Cannot Be Displayed In Views

    I have Office 365 (up to date). I am using my Contact folder with a local PST file on my computer. I have a custom form with multiple custom fields. Using the control toolbox I added a combo box using the Microsoft Forms 2.0 control. I then added a new text field with the possible values...
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    Show Total Number Of Items Not Displaying

    I have Outlook 365 Business In one of my local PST files (not my default data file), "Contacts" folder, I have set the properties to "Show total number of items" but the number does not appear. If I select "Show number of unread items", Apply, and then select "Show total number of items"...
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    Bullets Being Changed to Rectangles

    I recently updated to Office 2016 from 2010. In both Word and Outlook, my bullets are not displaying correctly. They are showing up as rectangles. I did not change any of my fonts, add fonts, edit fonts, etc. All I did was upgrade. The bullet is using the Symbol font which I'm assuming just like...
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    Emails Configured As HTML But Sent As Plain Text

    I have Outlook 2016. I generate all my emails in HTML. At times when I send my email it sends it as plain text (at least when I review the email in my Sent folder). I'm sending all my emails through my Gmail account. I wish I could say when and why it happens, but I cannot. For example, I sent...
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    Sync Issues With My Gmail Account

    I'm using Outlook 2016. My default email account is a GMAIL account IMAP. I can send and receive emails. I cannot get the IMAP "All Mail" to be seen in my Gmail folder in Outlook, so I created an "All Mail" folder (Mail and Post Items) under my Gmail folder. I have looked at multiple topics...
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    My Draft Emails Have Review Tracking

    I have Outlook 2016. I'm not sure how or why, but at times when I edit a draft there is review tracking turned on. I don't know why it happens one time but not another. I cannot find an option to turn review tracking off. Does such an option exist in Outlook 2016? Shawn
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    Views ans Where Settings AreSavd

    Sorry about the typos in the heading. I could not see how to edit the heading text after I published the entry. I'm using Outlook 2016. I have multiple PST files with multiple views. I understand views in "All Mail and Post Folders" cannot be shard between "All IMAP Folders", so I created...
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    Email Format With Embedded Images and Tables Change

    Using Outlook 2016. I sent a few emails one with pictures embedded in the email and the other with a simple table (2x3) embedded. I saved the email and then looked at them this morning. With the one email, instead of the attachments being embedded, they were attached. The other email the table...
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    Editing Tasks in Outlook 2016

    I have Outlook 2016 (via Office 365). I have a local PST file where I keep my data, emails. scheduler, etc. This is my default data file. I am using Gmail to receive and send my emails. This is my default email. Basically in my Gmail folders I do not keep any data. It is just a means (bridge)...
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    Reminder Dialog Open Button

    I just updated to Outlook 2016 (using Office 365). I use reminders quite a bit. When the reminder dialog opened, I do not see the "Open" button. I can right click to open an item, but no button. Where did the open button go?
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    Dragging Files In Outlook 2016

    I have Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and just moved from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016 (via Office 365). In Outlook 2010 I was able to drag files from notes in my contacts and tasks to a folder on my computer. Now this capability no longer exists. I can still drag files into the notes (for...
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    Importing Ribbons Not Saved

    I was using Outlook 2010 and just moved to Outlook 2016 (using Office 365). In both versions, I created custom ribbons for my contacts, tasks, editing emails, reading emails, opening screen and tasks. I exported the ribbons to a file so I can have them for future use. In both 2010 and 2016 the...
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    Outlook 2010 Cannot Open Attachments

    June 14, 2017 I have Outlook 2010 In my registry, I have setup to use Level1Remove so I can open attachments. All has been working OK with opening attachments. Windows just updated Outlook with many updates and now I cannot open any attachments. I now see one of these dialogs when I try to...
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    Creating Email - Selecting Pre-Defined Text

    I'm using Outlook 2010. When sending new emails, does such a tool exist where when in the subject field I can click something (button) / maybe right click and select from a pre-entered list of subjects to use? Thank you. Shawn
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    Displaying the Remind Beforehand Value in Calendar List View

    I'm using O2010. Creating Views with the calendar. In some items, I have a reminder set to go off beforehand and I can set the time to 10 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This value (I think) is in the "Remind Beforehand" field. When this field is displayed in the calendar List View, instead of...
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    Advanced Find text field limits

    I'm using Outlook 2010. In Advanced Find, there is a character limit of 255 characters (with spaces) in the email and country field. I'm not sure if its different per field or not. Is there a way to increase the limit? Shawn
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    Deleting Custom Fields

    I have a custom form in Outlook 2010. I have a custom field, but I cannot delete it. The delete button is disabled. Any suggestions on how to delete the field? Thank you. Shawn
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    Inserting Dates With Quick Parts (or Macros)

    I'm using O2010. In my notes (tasks and contacts), I use Quick Parts to enter repetitive text. What I currently do is either type in the date or use insert date and then use the quick parts. Based on where I enter the text, the format of the date may change. I also don't want the date to...
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    Outlook 2010 Ribbon - Creating Links To Websites or EXE Files

    In Outlook 2010, is it possible to create a new item with a link to a website or an EXE file? Shawn
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    Using Multiple Signatures in Outlook 2010

    I understand there are both Quick Parts and Signatures in Outlook 2010. Before I go and create multiple Quick Parts, is there anyway to use multiple signatures in one email? I have about 100 signatures of them and in 2010 once I use one signature I cannot use a second one as the signatures...