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  1. Dr. Demento

    Outlook version of Excel command?

    Is there a Outlook version of Excel's Application.DisplayAlerts = False? I'm repeatedly overwriting an excel file from Outlook and don't want to deal with the "Are You Really Sure You Want To Do This?" dialog box
  2. Dr. Demento

    Outlook output to array -> Excel & re-format

    In using an awesome sub by Greg Thatcher (found here), it does a great job at extracting the information, but the output leaves much to be desired. I'm wondering if someone could help in two ways: 1) point me the the direction where I could write the output first to an array (for...
  3. Dr. Demento

    Programmatically encrypt email (2010)

    From what I've seen, past versions of Outlook did not have the capability of programatically signing/encrypting email; is this still the case for Outlook 2010 (32- or 64-bit)?? If that's still the case, would it be possible to use the code found here or here and turn it on/off programatically...