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    force outlook to default to MY calendar

    I have my own calendar, "calendar-outlook email account", synced through exchange, which i have used for years. whenever outlook doesn't close properly, eg, it freezes and I have to close program on it, the next it opens it shows the "calendar-outlook" which has little of interest in it, maybe...
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    Imap account not auto syncing inbox at startup

    I open Ol16 every morning. the imap account doesn't automatically sync it's inbox. I have to click some other folder (trash, sent, whatever) then back to inbox before it will sync. the rest of day it mostly syncs automatically, but sometimes i have to go through the routine. I don't see...
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    Ol16 desktopT suddenly can't connect with Exchange

    OL16, desktop version. win10 2019. Turned on desktop computer today, opened Outlook. greeted with a request about connecting to internet. Never saw that before. Then I am getting requests for microsoft password, which eventually I figured out was for and its syncing calendar...
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    Outlook replies not using "delivered to" address in From

    OL16 IMAP I have a main 3rd party account. This account also has 2 aliases. I have the main account and the two aliases set up as accounts in Outlook, with all 3 using the same incoming and outgoing server info. Of course, both aliases show all the same mail as the main account. I did this...
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    new labeled phone field

    OL16: I have some contacts that have more than one cell phone number. I also have an iphone. I sync OL to iphone using Companionlink (I don't think that this is instrumental to the problem). I can add a note to the cell phone number (eg " 111-111-1234 Sarah cell ") in Outlook to id the number...
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    Outlook 2019 having issues with 'people search' and not making suggestions in email To: etc

    Locally Installed version of Outlook in Office 2019, (not 365). From beginning, 3 days ago, there have been problems with finding contacts. Sometimes the entire name has to be typed. This happens in 'search people' . and not finding names when typing into email To: fields. I can use drop...
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    Replies being sent from wrong account

    Outook 2016. Win10 I have a default pop account at, also another pop account through the same account as (I guess this called an alias?) . all mail is sent and received through the account login. In the past if I...
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    remove or turn off contact folder from outlook 2016

    Outlook 2016, installed locally. Several times i have found the contact folder populated by all (or sometimes most, no idea how the choice is made) of the contacts held in my local contacts folder. This means that all these contacts are now uploaded to site. I have no...
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    open Outlook with multiple windows.

    I believe that I asked about this some time ago. ie: if I have Outlook mail and calendar open in separate windows, how do I get them both to open the next time I start Outlook? If I simply close both windows separately only the main Outlook window will open next time. I was advised that the...
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    Helping OL remember which calendars were selected

    Since this problem continues in Outlook 2016 (Getting Outlook to remember what calendars were selected when you last used Outlook and to reselect them at start-up). Is there some registry modification that will accomplish this? I saw the thread about not using 'start in Calendar folder' or...
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    added new calendar, now not syncing to windows phone

    Outlook 2016 vl version. Windows 10 mobile phone. after reading about the wrong date for election day, I deleted the existing HOL in Outlook, added the new one. I also added a new calendar for Jewish Holidays, which I downloaded from a website. It is not the Jewish Holiday calendar offered by...
  12. A changing appointments

    If I enter a new appointment on my desktop, or on phone (windows mobile 10), seems to corrupt them when they pass through for syncing. I never enter anything directly in Outlook 2016 desktop is set up to default to "no reminders", and the phone isn't good...
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    "search people" not finding all contacts

    Ol16. volume license version. on Win7. This is the opposite of the old, ongoing, problem of Outlook listing multiple versions of the same contact. In this case it is not finding all contacts. eg: search on Cathy. returns one contact, even though the contact list shows 3 Cathy's. Search on...
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    Birthday reminders now ending after 10 years??

    Today I discovered that all (?) my birthday reminders are set to end after 10 occurrences. What is Microsoft's assumption? No one lives more than 10 years? After 10 years users will happily find different software to use for managing contacts? I seem to remember that all recurrences were set...
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    OL16 C2R attachment preview fails

    gives message:"This file cannot be previewed because no previewer is installed for it." , Double clicking on the file opens Word which also gives an error message about opening the file. Saving the attachment and then trying to open it with Word also fails. The 3rd party file manager has no...
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    windows mobile 10 calendar not syncing

    I just "upgraded" the lumia 925 from 8.1 to 10. the calendar won't sync to calendar (which syncs to desktop outlook calendar). there was no problem when using 8.1. account seems to be in the phone. all days in calendar are blank. A web search has revealed nothing about this...
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    Migration to Exchange, still happening? How will I know when?

    I read about accounts migrating to exchange servers, and how it may fix some of the issues with the way currently handles contacts and calendar. Is this migration still in progress? How will I know if it has happened for my account?
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    Office 2016, 32 vs 64 bit

    In past years 32 bit was recommended for Office, smoother operations, less problems with addins, more reliable. Is this still true for Office 2016? I am not working with large files in Excel, Access, and .pst is only 140mb. Speed difference for 64 bit?
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    Change Outlook Taskbar Icon

    I like to have Outlook open at boot with Mail and Calendar windows open. Previously I have opened the calendar in "separate window", then used "file>close" to close outlook, which seems to be the only way to insure that both windows open automatically the next time Outlook is started. Looking...
  20. A migrating to Office365, contacts

    If this is in the wrong forum, sorry, I didn't see a better one. Go ahead and move it if appropriate. I just read the latest Exchange newsletter about MS migrating all account to Office365 and being configured as Exchange accounts. The newsletter mentioned contacts syncing between...