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    BCM does not work anymore!

    Hello I used BCM for about 2 years now I need only the phone function. If I need to call the customers I open the contact and phone him Now BCM does not work any more?!?! I still have Office 2013 and Windows 10 I am not sure but it does not work since some days (I just came back from holidays)...
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    BCM does not work with Windows 10 1703 any more

    Hello I have Windows 10 and since last week Version 1703 Now since this update BCM crashes always when I search for a customer What can I do ? Is it impossible to use BCM now? I use Office 2013 Pro with BCM
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    Cannot connect to BCM database

    Hello I have Windows 10 Office 2013 and BCM We have 2 PCs in the office. On the first PC (office1) BCM works fine. On the second PC (office1gmg) BCM crashed since today morning. I deinstalled BCM and Chart and then reinstalled it. (like I did last week on PC1, because also on that PC last week I...
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    BCM crashes immediately after start

    Hello I have Windows 10 64bit and Office 2014 with BCM Till Monday everything worked fine. Now BCM crashes immediately after clicking contact management I just repaired BCM. I also did a System restore with a restore point of last week. Nothing solved the problem Can anybody help me???
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    BCM crashes after Windows 10 update

    Hello I usa BCM for a year now with 2 PC on Windows 8.1 Yesterday I updated to Windows 10 1 PC works fine with BCM the other one crashed after I go to contacts Is it possible to run BCM with Windows 10? It should the other one works :-( What can I do? Is there any repair program? Any patch??
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    use database in other office

    Hello I have the Office in Germany At the moment I am in Italy How can I use/sync the BCM data from Germany in Italy also? or can I only copy the data from Germany and use it in Italy?
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    Send email from BCM

    Hello I want to send emails from BCM Is it possible to use templates and to add the name and adress of my customers to the mail? When I press the botton "E-Mail" a new mail opens but only with the email-adress of the customer I need a template of our Company and the name and adress of the customer!
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    phone numbers fields in BCM are not correct

    Hello when I insert a new contact there are 4 fields for telefone numbers in the BCM form there is "description of the field" then the "arrow to select" and then the "field for the number" so when I see f.e. "pager" and I insert the number it is not "pager" but it is saved like "mobile" and if I...
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    Basic BCM question about sync to Outlook 2013

    Hello I have to send a serial mail to customers (I just have the Word document ready) I have the about 3000 contacts in BCM 600 of them with mail adresses and about 50% of them I have to send the mail to. Can I send the mail out of BCM directly? Can I sync the contacts to Outlook and then send...
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    1 folder to see all new mails

    Hello before using outlook 2013 I used Windows Live Mail there was 1 folder to see all the new unred mails no matter what account. Is it possible to do so also in outlook 2013? I have 3 accounts and I don't want to open all 3 inboxes I think it should be possible because outlook is a...
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    Use same BCM data in 2 offices

    Hello I have 1 office in Germany and 1 in Italy In Germany my BCM works with 2 PCs ok. Now I want to use the same data also in Italy How is this possible? I tried to backup in Germany and restore in Italy but I could not restore becaude I am not the owner of the database. In Germany there is...
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    BCM does not start correctly

    Hello after 2 days "working" with BCM now it does not start with Outlook 2013 I tried to reinstall but nothing changed In Outlook Options - Addinns - goto - COM ADDIN - I clicked on BCM Manager for Outlook and Loader but there is an unknown external error Do I have to uninstall...
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    "New E-mail" with BCM Contact in adress line

    Hello I just made a template in outlook to send mails. When I use this template with my module top open it from BCM the adress line is also empty. Can I tell outlook (BCM) to add the contacts mail adress to my template like when I click on "New e-mail"?
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    BCM is not in the navigation line

    Hello I just installed BCM and in youtube videos I saw that BCM is also in the lower navigation line I only have E-mail/Personen/Kalender/Aufgaben (german version) [means mail/contacts/calendar/to dos] but there is no Business Contact Manager can I add this?
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    insert Date & Time in userform

    How can I write a letter in BCM Hello this is my first visit in your forum. I am from Germany and till 1 moth ago we used Windows XP and ACT!2000 Now we changed all PCs to Windows 8 and Office 2013. So now I also installed BCM and I appreciate it. I have only a few questions. The...