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    BCM Update for Outlook 2010/2013 - Nov 2014

    The long awaited update that fixes the label problem and other issues is now live and can be downloaded from A kb article is at (or will be at) BCM needs to be uninstalled but not SQL.
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    Wishlist Drag and drop email to a calendar date

    I'm pretty sure I had a poll for this problem back in the Outlook 2013 beta days, but with the move to the new forum software, it was lost so I'll start a new one for "Outlook Next". (Sorry, the new forum software won't allow votes from guests so you need to register to vote. ) Did you use...
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    excel outlook exchange calendar

    Did I accidentally delete this thread? Sorry about that - I cleaned up some old, very low volume threads. :( Thanks to the power of search engines, I think i reconstructed it - Question Answer Reply
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    Download BCM 2010

    Business Contact Manager is now available for download by users who upgraded to Outlook 2010. The requirements are : "You purchased a copy of Outlook with Business Contact Manager with Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, or standalone Office Outlook 2007, and You purchased a copy of...
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    Calendar Printing Assistant v2

    There is an update available for the Calendar Printing Assistant so that it will work with Outlook 2010 (the installer says its for Outlook 2007, but it lies, it works with both. ). In my (very) quick look, there doesn't appear to be any changes, except for Outlook 2010 support. Calendar...
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    Developing Social Connector Providers

    If you are interested in writing a social connector, the following articles may help: Developing a Real Outlook Social Connector Getting Started with Developing an Outlook Social Connector Provider A Real Outlook Social Connector Provider that Uses the OSC Provider Proxy Library
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    Endless loop when to the new Outlook Connector

    Problem: Microsoft is aware of the problem and turned off the automatic update feature until they figure out what went wrong - if you haven't updated yet, it shouldn't force you to right now. This method should avoid problems: 1. Close outlook - very important! 2. Uninstall the...
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    Blank messages in Outlook when using the Connector

    If you have problems with blank messages in Outlook when you use the connector, try v14 beta build of the connector. Iinstalling it should fix the blank messages problem (and other issues) on both Outlook 2007 and 2003. OLC 14 Beta 32-bit...
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    Hotmail/MSN access is forbidden or denied

    Effective Sept 1, 2009, HTTP access to Hotmail/MSN accounts was discontinured. To continue to receive e-mail from your Hotmail account, you need to select one of the methods below to connect to Hotmail before September 1, 2009. After this, new e-mail can only be delivered to your mail...
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    Welcome to Outlook Wishlist

    Use this forum to discuss features you'd like to see added to Outlook.
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    Product ID when requesting support

    Users of the OLC addin need to enter the Outlook Product ID, not the Outlook Connector ID - this will successfully start the support interaction.
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    Can the conector's data file be moved?

    Question: Is there any way to specify where the ost file from hotmail connector go besides redirecting the user folder? No, the location of the ost created by the connector is hardcoded to use the Outlook folde.
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    Categories and Distribution Lists

    What Hotmail/Live calls "Categories", Outlook knows as Distribution lists. (Outlook's Categories and Color Categories are not synced to Hotmail.) The connector will sync the "category" into Outlook as a distribution list name but it does not sync the members, leaving you with an empty...
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    The Power of Word in Outlook - Outlook Team blog
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    Support Animated GIFs in Outlook

    Outlook does not play the animation in animated GIFs embedded in email. You need to open the message using View in Browser to see the animation.
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    Recurring Appointments that don't fit a pattern

    I'll start this forum off with one of the comments I read in a blog entry about the FixOutlook movement. The user wanted to be able to Ctrl+Click on dates in the caledar and create a recurring appointment. He did not want to be stuck using 'every 2 weeks on wednesday'.
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    What needs fixing in Outlook?

    Use this forum to share what you thik needs fixing in Outlook. Please try to put one broken feature per thread and if a thread about the feature exists, post your comments in that thread. This will make it easier to see the most popular fixes.