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    Outlook 2k3 with Exchange: Browsing Sent items without downloading?

    I have around half a dozen devices which I sync mail with by using MS Exchange (2003 I think). Most of my clients are OL2010, but I just set up another client this morning on OL2k3 which has a low bandwidth connection. As such I don't want to download full messages, but only headers...
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    Categorising Emails Automatically.

    I've recently realised I need to "manage" my mail in a smarter way than I was doing recently where I was archiving mail by "month received" rather than anything more clever. I tried making a folder for each "topic" instead of my month, but then I couldn't find the best place to store emails...
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    OL2010 - signatures while forwarding tasks or appointments

    My signature is automatically inserted when forwarding or replying to emails, but not when forwarding tasks or appointments. Is there any way to enable auto-insertion of my signature when forwarding these items? thanks Guy
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    right click outlook objects in OL2010 acts on current inbox mailitem

    Cryptic title, I know. sorry about that. See below my outlook today page, which I use as a dashboard for outlook 2010. As you can see, at the top of the page I have my inbox, with some href links in table cells to the right. The next row holds my personal tasks...
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    Initial "Connecting" to public folders on startup

    Outlook 2003: I have a shared calendar and shared tasks lists on my Outlook Today page. This is done by customising the outlook today HTML with object code, picking up the public folders using their EntryID's. The problem is that when outlook starts, the folders show up as...
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    2003 >> 2010 outlook today security changes (Iframes? Href?)

    I have a custom today page (local html file on C:/OL_Today folder) which is set out as a table with the inbox at the top and then the bottom two rows contain IFrames (which go to local HTML files in the same folder) containing calendar, tasks and several links. This works well on...
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    CLSID for shared tasks folder

    I have a custom today page which displays my tasks pane, among other things. Quite a few of my colleagues like this today page and have asked for it so they can work in a similar way to me. The code I've used to display my tasks on the today page is: <OBJECT...
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    Highlighting / Fomatting appointments in Timeline view

    I have a custom "today" page in which my calendar timeline is displayed, along with inbox, tasks etc. The timeline is the only view I've really come across which lets me fit a decent amount of information in the space I have available. I was hoping someone could tell me how to...
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    link to group schedules from Today screen

    I have a custom today screen built from Javascript and HTML which includes inbox, calendar, tasks amoing other items. I want to have some sort of link to the "group schedules" view, either as an object, which I can embed in the today screen, or as a link/button/hyperlink which I can put on the...
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    A rule to file incoming mail in a public folder

    Whenever I get an email from a client I want to be able to automatically file a copy of it in a particular public folder. That part I have already managed, using standard outlook rules. The next part is a little harder. As there are several people in my team who might receive a...